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Other Surgical Procedures Available

Beyond the common beauty and cosmetic surgical treatments, we also provide a wide range of surgical procedures for those looking for something in particular, including:

Birmingham Ear Surgery (Ottoplasty)

Corrective Ear Lobe Surgery, Birmingham

Pinnaplasty or correction of prominent ears is procedure to setback the ears to their natural and normal position. More commonly performed in children but correction can be done in adults.

Surgical procedure involves placing incision behind the ear and dissecting, remoulding and suturing the cartilage to give the normal appearance to the ear. The incision is closed with a Nylon stitch and a dressing that is held with a bandage around the forehead and head. This remains for ten days until the removal of suture.

The surgery is usually done under general anaesthetic however adults may prefer local anaesthetic and sedation. Operation is not particularly painful but with adequate analgesics can relieve the nausea and discomfort that may last for a day or two.

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Ear Job Side Effects

Collection of blood beneath skin is not common. Infection can occasionally occur and may require antibiotics. The scars on the back of the ear can become lumpy and painful and will require further treatment.

Ear Surgery Postoperative Advice, Instructions & Final Result

Day 1 - 3

You may have some pain the first day but this could be controlled with painkillers. If the pain continues and increases in severity you should call the hospital.

Day 10

The head bandage is removed and the nylon stitch is removed. You can have hair wash. Moisturising cream will be helpful to begin massaging the scar at back of the ear. Start to wear head band during sleep. Children can attend school but try not play contact sports.

Week 2 - 3

Can start normal activities including sports, swimming but no contact sports. Continue wearing the head band.

Week 6 - Month 6

Stop using head band at the end of six weeks, continue massage and can start contact sports at about eight weeks. Wearing head band for few months will protect the set back of the ears and will reduce the swelling further to give normal and natural shape to the ear.

Birmingham Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Birmingham Eye Lid SurgeryBlepharoplasty is surgical procedure that aims to restore younger look of the eyes. Aging causes sagging of the lids both upper and lower due to the weakness and the loss of elasticity of the skin. Drooping of the brow can falsely show as upper lid sag.

In the upper lid an incision is made along over the natural crease. Excess skin and some part of the skin is removed, fat around the eye is either removed or redraped in different plane and closed with nylon stitch.

In the lower eyelid the incision is placed just below the eyelashes along the eyelid margin. Fat is either removed or redraped and incision closed with a nylon stitch similar to upper lid. The ends of the stitch are taped on either end. These are removed in one week.

Upper eyelid procedure is usually done as local anaesthetic procedure however general anaesthesia is preferred if combined with lower lid procedure. It is performed as a day procedure or as an overnight stay.

For a consultation please call 0800 007 5860 or complete our enquiry form.

Eyelid Surgery Side Effects

Bruising, swelling, black eyes are common after the procedure but settles down in few days, bruising may take longer to resolve. You may have blurred vision for few hours but if it persists you should contact the surgeon immediately. Your eyes may water for first few days. Eyes may feel gritty and dry for few weeks and may require artificial eye drops and ointment. Small white cysts may appear in the stitch line and this can bee treated with removing with a needle as an outpatient procedure. The risk of general anaesthesia is not common that include DVT, chest infection and pulmonary embolism.

Eyelid Surgery Postoperative Advice, Instructions & Final Result

Day 1 - 3

You will have bruising and black eyes that will worsen by day two.

Day 4 - 7

The swelling should start to settle. Nylon stitches are removed on day 5. You can wear makeup.

Week 1 - 2

Bruising gets paler and swelling settles further, not wear contact lenses until at least two weeks after the surgery. You could return to work.

Month 6

You can assess the final result now.

Birmingham Nose Job

The most common procedure in the cosmetic field. The procedure ranges from a simple technique of changing the shape to complete remodelling of the nose. The aim is to recreate the nose so that it suites the profile of the whole face. The procedure involves opening the tip of the nose and realigning the cartilage or building the cartilage to change the shape of the nose and make it look natural.

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Birmingham Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure for removing packets of fat from areas of the body that are resistant to exercise and diet control. It works well with good elastic skin as in normal or near normal body weight. Though age is not a criterion for good results, older people are left with dimples in the skin due to the inelastic skin.

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Birmingham Facelift

This procedure restores the normal look to the face from the effects of aging. As one ages the forehead lines deepens, wrinkles appear along the corner of the eyes and mouth, lips become thin with lines, cheeks sag with sagging of the jaw skin (Jowls) , folds between the nose and cheek deepens on either side. The neck skin tends to sag and form folds. All this could be accompanied with drooping of the eyebrow or the eyelids.

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