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Birmingham Liposuction

Areas of Liposuction, Birmningham

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure for removing packets of fat from areas of the body that are resistant to exercise and diet control. It works well with good elastic skin as in normal or near normal body weight. Though age is not a criterion for good results, older people are left with dimples in the skin due to the inelastic skin.

Liposuction is done with or without other cosmetic procedure e.g. Tummy –tuck, body lifts etc. Surgery involves a technique called Suction assisted Liposuction (SAL). Fat is sucked through a hollow tube that is introduced through small incisions. The incisions are closed at the end of the surgery. Surgery may take one to three hours depending on the areas of the body.

Surgery is could be performed under local or general anaesthetic, depending on the patients preference, surgeons preference and the volume of the areas that require liposuction.

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Liposuction Side Effects

All patients will have bruising and swelling with some discomfort to up to few weeks. Numbness around the area for weeks and months is normal. There would be scarring at the incision site but would fade over a period of time. There may be uneven areas as fat settles and may require further surgery. There is a chance to return to theatre to control bleeding. General risks are Deep Vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and chest infection.

Liposuction Postoperative Advice, Instructions & Final Result

Day 1 - 3

Elastic vest or garment to be worn day and night. You can have shower.

Day 4 - 7

Gradually increase daily activities, walking may be uncomfortable if operations were on lower limbs.

Week 1 - 10 days

Removal of stitches.

Week 2

Should be able to return to work.

Week 3

Gradual return to normal daily activities, continue to wear pressure and support garment.

Week 4 - 8

Could remove pressure garment, bruising should settle.

Month 6

Swelling should resolve but some numbness could persist.

Month 12

If body weight is maintained you can see the final result.

Birmingham Nose Job

The most common procedure in the cosmetic field. The procedure ranges from a simple technique of changing the shape to complete remodelling of the nose. The aim is to recreate the nose so that it suites the profile of the whole face. The procedure involves opening the tip of the nose and realigning the cartilage or building the cartilage to change the shape of the nose and make it look natural.

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Birmingham "Boob Job"

This procedure improves the size and/or shape of the breast. Augumentation is usually following loss of volume of breast from various reasons that include previous breast surgery, after child birth, to improve body contour and to achieve symmetry in asymmetrical breasts. It involves placing a silicone gel implant in pocket created under the breasts.

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Birmingham Facelift

This procedure restores the normal look to the face from the effects of aging. As one ages the forehead lines deepens, wrinkles appear along the corner of the eyes and mouth, lips become thin with lines, cheeks sag with sagging of the jaw skin (Jowls) , folds between the nose and cheek deepens on either side. The neck skin tends to sag and form folds. All this could be accompanied with drooping of the eyebrow or the eyelids.

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